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Thread: New large teke medallion!

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    Default New large teke medallion!

    OK, I know there used to be a thread for medallions but I can't find it and don't have time to keep looking so I'll post this here. I hope ts ok. Anyways I did post this on my facebook page and forgot to post it here. It is an Akhal Teke Stallion. I don't have a official name so I'm just calling it Teke for now.
    This is a large 9-inch long medallion! very big! like the size of a traditional resin. He is very highly detailed and cast in white artists resin.
    He is $75.00 each with free shipping in the US.
    If anyone wants one just pm me here on my facebook page or you can email me at I take PayPal or credit cards thru Paypal only.

    I know I haven't been around for awhile I don't even really go on facebook much either I just have so little time and summers are super busy but things are slowing down farm wise now and I have more time for sculpting so I'll try to post more. Looks like I'll be missing the secret Santa this year because of no posts in awhile darn it! I'm still here though! Oh, Im also working on a new website so I can put up what reins and medallions I have for sale. It will have to be a free one for now. I'm doing it on Wix so I'll post when it's done.
    Enough talking so without further Adu here is TEKE
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    Rebecca Turner --- NEW EMAIL!!!

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