I purchased a very nice collection of CMs and Artist Resins recently, 19 models total. My aunt was nice enough to pick them up for me (seller wanted local pickup only and happened to be from my aunt's town) and ship them. I asked her to send them Priority but because the boxes she bought were too big (3 16x16 and 1 18x18) and undoubtedly were hit with the "overage" charge, she ended up sending them Retail Ground, and put $50 of insurance on each box (I had told her that Priority comes with $50 of insurance, hence why she should use Priority). As it was, she ended up paying $125 to ship 4 boxes via Retail Ground.

They were scanned "departed post office" on 10/11, 3 out of the 4 have been showing "In Transit" since then. 3 out of the 4 have not been updated since 10/14. 1 out of the 4 was scanned in at the USPS Sort Facility in Des Moine, IA on 10/16, and now is back to showing "In Transit". Today I did some research and learned that "In Transit" simply means that the package has not been scanned by an actual device in 18 hours. So basically, these very pricey models are sitting somewhere, god knows where, and they are not insured for the full value so if USPS does lose them (or they are damaged beyond repair) I am out all the money.

I'm absolutely sick right now and completely furious. This is not the peak Christmas season (granted, it's winding up to that, but still), and these are 4 large boxes. How can they just not be moving? And again, even this "cheap Ground shipping" cost me $125. I've never had an issue using USPS before, but of course this would be the one time it happens. I just have to hope they eventually arrive, and that they aren't too damaged. They went out in brand new shipping boxes, and were packed well (I coached my aunt on how to pack them and I'm confident she followed it to the letter), but I don't like the fact that they're sitting somewhere, God knows where, and I just want them here to make sure they're okay.