Do you have one/ some that you can show in Blab's Collectability - Vintage Custom division?

The classes are
CM-Coll-1 Remolded / Repaint / Rehair (all or any two)
CM-Coll-2 Repaint Only
CM-Coll-3 Remold Only or Rehair Only

(Classes can be combined if there are not enough entries.)

This division was tagged "pre-2000", but we may need a better description as many people don't know when theirs was done.

Also, if you have an old non-digital photo that you used to photo-show, it's ok to photo that and enter it.

Any thoughts or suggestions to chip in on this division and these classes? Even how to describe the division to make it more clear.

Here's the Gallery, the Vintage Custom is the last division in the Autumn Show list

Here's the how-to for entering

And the thread for the Autumn Show