A HUGE apology to everyone below for me not getting my butt in gear to get these greens posted. You all were great to deal with and I should have had this posted a long time ago for some of you. Every one of these people deserve the brightest greens possible. In no order of how the transactions actually occurred.

Erika Baird - I bought Java from her and her communication was the BEST. When there were problems on Breyer's end, she immediately let me know and kept a constant dialog with me on what was going on. I felt so comfortable during the whole thing cause I knew she was on top of getting things figured out. And my Java is to die for. I would LOVE to do business with her again.

Jess Stickley - She purchased my VC Isabelle and was a delight to work with. Payment was prompt, communication was great, and overall a wonderful buyer.

Di Evans - She purchased my VC Charlie on time payments and was fabulous to work with. Her payments were always on time and every one of them included communication with what she believed was to be the remaining balance with a request for confirmation on the balance. Communication was great with her, and she was supper understand when things exploded for me and I missed my shipping deadline twice (which has never happened to me). She is the kind of buyer we all hope to get.

Nancy Fowkes - She bought both my Calvins direct from Breyer. Payment was immediate. Communication was great. And she let me know when the models arrived from Breyer and that they were in great condition. I love it when buyers do this, and most of them don't. Would love to sell to her again.

Corrie (Intothesunstudio) - Purchased my VC Classic QH Family set on Pre-Sell direct from Breyer. Again, one of the best buyers I have worked with. Payment was prompt, communication was great. I must be lucky because this year I have been honored to work with some of the finest people.

Paige Auget - Purchased my Sugarloaf. Fabulous transaction. Yet another great buyer with prompt payment and great communication.

Nerissa Hawkins - Purchased my Scotty direct from Breyer. Super fast past and wonderful communication.

Elizabeth (appyinthewind) - I purchased Acadia from her on time payments. She was wonderful about communication. Acadia was shipped immediately after my last payment and packed great. I am so happy with my purchase. THANK YOU!!!

Betsy Valley - Purchased both my Mirror Image and Reflector. I had both models listed separately. She made an offer on both, and when I countered and explained my rational for needing a little more than her offer, she was okay with my explanation and we were able to agree to terms that were fair to both of us. Wonderful buyer.

Kim Wetterman - Purchased my VC Cypress direct from Breyer. Another great buyer with wonderful communication, fast payment, and who left me know when the model arrived safely.

Megan Fritz - I purchased Glossy Picasso from her on time payments. She was the best to work with! And when she saw that we lived only a few miles away from each other she even offered to meet me so shipping costs were saved. Now that is a seller who goes above and beyond.