A HUGE apology to everyone below for me not getting my butt in gear to get these greens posted. You all were great to deal with and I should have had this posted a long time ago for some of you. Every one of these people deserve the brightest greens possible. In no order of how the transactions actually occurred.

Courtney Cowart - Purchased my Blue Velvet on time payments. Excellent buyer. Communication was spot on and never missed a payment. She also was great about sending an email before sending her payment so I knew it was coming instead of having to figure out why I suddenly had money showing up.

Arren Allen - Purchased my VC Blossom and Belle on Pre-Sale direct from Breyer. Initial communication was great. Payment was excellent and prompt. If I had any complaints about this buyer it would be that I never got to hear if they liked the models when they arrived...but that isn't a bad thing, I just like to know that models arrive safely and are acceptable. Aside from that picky thing, this buyer was a dream to work with. They were super fast on payment and communication.

Katie (~*PrincessXena*~) - I bought my Breyerfest pickups. By far the most important person I do business with all year and the best person I work with all year. Without you I would be lost (seriously). You make Breyerfest a much more relaxing time, especially for those of use who can't make it and really wish we could. You are amazing. You have great communication, you pack items better than anyone I have seen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!!!