Blab is providing these old-run Breyers

(obtained for show prizes, no they are not my old carpet herd! )

All of the models below are in reasonably good condition for older runs.
Shelf quality. Small scuffs & scratches here & there, but no major damage.

Prize #8 - Running Stallion, Buckskin

1996, 2500 models, Mighty Buck Buckskin Tour Model Running Stallion Signed SR #700296
Signature: "Stephanie Macejko, JAH Editor '96"

Prize #9 - Clydesdale Foal "Satin Star" with box

1994-95 - dark chestnut with flaxen mane and tail Clydesdale foal #894
(model comes with original box in good condition; model has been removed and replaced in box (no ties) )