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I just did a long tail DAH ISH over the summer and received him in September. He has the tail seam. It's not horrid, but it's definitely there. I knew about it, so I wasn't overly bothered. He overall champed in breed in his first show and won his second NAN card this past weekend, so there are definitely judges out there who overlook the flaw. With that being said, though, it would be nice if Stone addressed it, especially since it has been an issue since 2003. They should either find a way to fix the seam, or simply explain it to us if there's a reason they CAN'T fix it.
It is the same issue as the disappearing ears and left side of the face on the ISH and other mold problems. No sense addressing it when they still sell like hotcakes. I ha e asked about the detailing and expressed that has kept me from purchasing and they say they will address it but they never do. I have a DAH on order (big sale) but haven't purchases anything else from them in over a year.