Mary asked me to try and explain what kind of photo forum I'm missing

What i'm missing on Blab is a forum where people can post any type of model horse photos without restrictions to just OF or tack or showing progress of a custom (not that I have anything against those pictures)
- so what i want have a photo-area for pictures people take on a hike with their model if they do that
- any model horse picture , with mixed kinds of models, rider or a model horse
- stories with pictures of model horses, ranchstories, short stories etc.
- pictures related to time of year, special days, "adventscalender"
- random model horse pictures, even if background is not realistic
- "failed" pictueres, that can look funny, like a drink bottle sneaked into the pictrue or a model taking a fall...
- photos taking with dioramas , indoors
- photos with prop, riders , model dogs , cats, ...
shouldn' t really have to many restrictions , anything fun really and should be for the joy of looking at those photos rather than discussing the model (even though tips on how to take phots might be good idea, don't know sometmes they are welcome others just want to show their photos)
May be call it Model Horse photo fun ? May be others have better ideas as for naming