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    Default My carriages in progress

    I've been enjoying this forum a lot! I love driving, myself, have taught my horses to drive, and am currently teaching a friend and her horse to drive. Long ago, I made a few carts and harnesses and just had tons of fun with them. Driving horses is a fantastic sport, either in real life or in the model world!

    Recently, I got bit by the bug to build some more carts, and maybe even some harnesses to go with them. We'll's a lot of tiny buckles... Anyway, as I have trouble being patient enough for wood glue to dry, I thought starting a handful of them all together would help! One can dry a little bit while I move onto the next one, et cetera. It's working out pretty well, and I just wanted to share my progress! I'm pretty pleased so far with how they're doing.

    Here's my very cluttered floor set-up with four carts in progress...a road cart type, pony cart (sized for Merrylegs), an easy-entry type, and an itty bitty stablemate cart! (That blue guy there is Jake Sully; he's helping me size things properly.)
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