Hey everyone!
Less than two weeks until the show! Yay!

Raise The Roof Live was approved for the Breyer Benefit Show Model "Vulcan"! One lucky shower will be taking him home

Regular Run and Special Run Breyer/Other Update:
The rings will stay on the exact same schedule (i.e. Arabians at the same time, Morgans at the same time), etc to help keep everybody showing Breyers on track. If one ring finishes being judged prior to the other, we will wait to call the next class until both Breyer rings are finished. We will have Regular Run Breyer, Special Run Breyer, Peter Stone, Customs, Artist Resins, and China all running at the same time. If you need time to run models between rings, please speak up. We can accommodate!

Per request, after China is finished, then Mini AR/CM will be judged. Please remember that in the OF classes, you must provide collectability documentation for models or they will NOT be judged for collectability.

RR Breyer- Mary Berry
SR Breyer- Tanya Lewis
Peter Stone- Bev Manderfeld
Artist Resin- Kate Springer
Custom- Jan Pletsch
Mini CM/AR- Steff Bodamer
​China OF & CM- Meghan Namaste