I wanted to post here after posting on FB about a thing that's concerning me a bit.

I ordered 3 BF pickups from WOMH, they were paid in full in a timely fashion. The email they sent out said that they came up short on a few models and that they'd either be sending out a shipping notice or a 'sorry we couldn't get the model(s)' email. I haven't recieved either one, even after sending 2 messages to them that went without response.

I was wondering if anyone here had done pickups with WOMH this year, and if they've given you any updates as to what's going on? Only one person on FB so far has said they've recieved models from them on my post, so it's a bit concerning. I've never had problems with them before, and my messages have always been responded to. Someone else on FB said they'd sent 2 messages also, with no response.

It's just a tad unusual that they haven't responded to anything people are sending them or sending out any sort of update about shipping/refunds(if they couldnt get the models you ordered).

Thanks for reading!