I took the survey. I'm all for mini shows, especially since this is where I'm focusing my collection/showstring now! We need more of them! (On a side note, I'm hoping to develop and host an all-mini show at some point too...just don't have the time or money right now. But I too, am concerned about getting enough judges when the time comes.)

I'm in the same state as you, but costs, time, and distance are huge factors right now that would prevent me from attending. Presently, I can only do shows where I can come and go on the same day since I'm working full time and also taking accelerated classes for a second degree on the side. Just can't take up an entire weekend showing when I have to get classwork done too. Expenses of gas, hotel, etc. bite into my budget too deeply as well as it'd be an over 5 hour drive one way from here in central upstate NY. So, sadly, it's a double whammy that'd prevent me from attending any show in that area. The stairs wouldn't be a problem for me since it's mini models and those are light and easy to carry.