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    Default Seeking Custom Artists

    I hope posting this here is okay. I couldn't find a better spot.

    I am hoping to find some custom artists who would be willing to donate their skills for a charitable cause.
    I volunteer at a therapeutic riding center and raising enough funds is always a challenge. I am hoping to find some people who would be willing to create portraits of a couple of the program horses to be auctione off to benefit the riding center. The center does a ton of good for a ton of people, myself included. If you would like to look it up, it is called The Franklin County 4H Therapeutic Riding Center.

    If just one horse could get a portrait, we would love it to be Chief. He is a thirty year old black leopard appaloosa who has been with the program for the last twenty five years. He still carries smaller children in walk trot lessons on a regular basis and enjoys it. He is one of the most kind, patient, understanding horses in the world. He is so gentle with the special needs people who handle him and is the favorite of many of the students.

    We also have....

    a bay OTTB named Luke
    a sorrel quarter horse named Marvin
    a black Irish Sport Horse named Mallo
    a dun Quarter Horse named Bueno
    a flaxin chestnut Belgian named Belle
    a chestnut, light breed pony named Cadburry
    a black quarter horse named Leo
    a black minimal tobiano draft mare named Rose
    and a bay Cleveland Bay Hanoverian cross named Patrick

    I would make the models myself but I have only just begun to resculpt. I will do whatever I can to help anyone who would like to help these horses and the people who's lives they change.

    I do not have any pictures of these guys on my computer but I will see about uploading some.

    Thank you so much to anyone who would be willing to help. Anything is appreciated.
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