Rogue River Studios Winter Blues Photo Show 2018

Entry Deadline 12/31/18

Another year has almost gone by, and to break up the winter doldrums, I've decided to host another addition of my Winter Blues Photo Show! With Breed classes (combined CM/AR and OF), CM/AR Color Workmanship classes, and OF Collectibility classes, as well as mail-in or online entry options, there is something for everyone!

Ribbons awarded for 1st-3rd placings in every class (will be a combination of neck ribbons and recycled flat ribbons). Division Champions and Reserves will receive Champion/Reserve flat ribbons with a wintry touch. Overall Show Champion and Reserve will receive a wintry rosette, as well as an additional surprise!

Entry Fees
$5 for up to 10 photos entered
$10 unlimited entry

How To Enter
Mail-in entries can be sent to Meghan Namaste, 502 Stratocruiser St., Gwinn, MI 49841. Online entries must be uploaded to the correct class album(s) in the show's private Facebook group. Simply request to join the group (Rogue River Studios Winter Blues Photo Show) once you have paid your fee, and you will be able to upoad your entries. Entry fees can be made out to Meghan Namaste, or sent via PayPal to dancing_angels211@yahoo.com. If sending via PayPal, please make sure to use the Friends & Family option.

Each photo entered must have the following information, either on the photo back, or in the description: Horse name, breed, owner name or initials, and any Collectibility information (if applicable) or any other reference information you wish to provide.

Realistic backgrounds are encouraged but not required. Any well-lit and clear, crisp photo can be competitive! If you have any questions on how to get started photo showing, or clarification on which classes to enter your horses in, I would be happy to help.
Class List

Breed Halter (OF and CM/AR)

1. Thoroughbred/Standardbred
2. Warmblood
3. Other Sport
4. Arabian/Part Arabian
5. Gaited
6. Other Light
7. Spanish
8. Draft - Solid
9. Draft - Patterned
10. Pony - Solid
11. Pony - Patterned
12. Quarter Horse
13. Paint
14. Appaloosa
15. Other Stock
16. All Other Breeds & Crosses
Breed Halter Champion & Reserve

Color Workmanship (CM/AR)
17. Black
18. Grey
19. Bay
20. Chestnut/Sorrel
21. Appaloosa
22. Tobiano/Tovero
23. Overo/Sabino/Splash
24. Roan
25. Dilutes
26. All Other Realistic Colors
27. Fantasy
Color Workmanship Champion & Reserve

Collectibility (OF)
28. Stone OOAK/Test
29. 2-50 Stone
30. Greater Than 50 Stone
31. Stone DAH/Regular Run
32. Breyer Vintage (Pre 1980)
33. Breyer Regular Run 1980-Now
34. Breyer SR 1-500
35. Breyer SR Greater Than 500
36. Fantasy - All Makes
37. Other OF
Collectibility Champion & Reserve

Overall Show Champion & Reserve