Hello! I need some advice from you all, as this transaction is giving me some red flags so far...

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a Breyerfest set from eBay, from someone with not much feedback, but all positive. They said they were going to mark the item shipped so eBay wouldn't "ding them" for not shipping. Okay, fine. No tracking number attached, so no delivery confirmation anyway (so I figure they wouldn't be able to claim it was delivered).

I received an email a week ago saying they were shipping things out that week. No problem. Tonight, I sent them a question asking for an update and they write back saying they may have sent it to the wrong person. They're going to send some emails and try to get it returned to them (that sounds good so far), but here's the problem that makes me nervous... They said if they couldn't get it back, they would only refund me half of what I paid, since at Breyerfest, it's price was only half of what I had paid.

That's not okay with me, but at this point, should I wait and see if they can retrieve the item? Let them know the half refund is unacceptable? Or just open a case with eBay/PayPal to get my payment back? The situation is making me very nervous. I don't want to be stuck in the middle of a scam, but do want to give them a chance if there truly was a mixup. Need some help! Thanks in advance!

-Barbara Connors