Just sitting here thinking about all the tariffs that are now going to be and are currently being imposed on products made in China and imported to the USA. I wonder how the tariffs will affect the pricing of Breyer products. Pretty much everybody knows that Breyer models are molded and painted in China. I am wondering if the cost of the tariffs will compel Breyer to return their molding and painting back to the USA? Regardless of the route Breyer chooses, it seems to me the prices will go up on the models. Here are some of the questions that are bouncing around in my head: will the probable price increase cause new hobby people to shy away from the hobby? Will their prices increase to close to the level of Stone models if they are molded and painted in the US? Without new people (targeting the younger folks) can the hobby be sustained (if prices shoot to the moon)? Even Schliegh (sp?) modelsí pricing will go up as they are made in China...how is a kid from an average family able to afford to get into and stay in the hobby? Iím curious to know your thoughts and opinions. PLEASE!! Leave politics out of this discussion!!!! It might be difficult for some to hold their tongue, but please!! No one needs to argue politics. Tariffs: it is what it is. Period!