Toronto's Autumn Live:
Sunday, October 20th, 2019
Returning to Humber College North

Hello, everyone!

We're looking forward to what's going to be a fabulous day, filled with model horses and great company. The preparations have been in the work for months, and the finish line in site... we can't wait to see everyone again!

Still looking for a good reason to attend? Well here's 5 about why October 20th is going to be an amazing day:

🍁 1. We're NAN-Qualified and a Breyer Beneficiary Show. Yes, can win NAN cards and have a chance at the beautiful Weston, just by participating!

🍁 2. This year, Medallions & Busts are NAN'ABLE! That means you can bring those wonderfully painted "flatly" model horses and let them strut their stuff. The examples below are part of the Autumn Live Raffle selection which is always pretty fabulous too - so best of a luck!

🍁 3. We have some really great judges, who are happy to help and even enjoy teaching as they go. Please welcome to our roster this year:

Kaitlin Lewington - OF Breyer & OF Collectability
Andrea Brygidyr - OF Stone/Copperfox, OF Other/Clinkies, and CM Breed
Amanda Mills - Open Performance & AR Breed
Diana Macdonald - Novice Performance
Ann Johnson - OF Toy Make
Neena Bickram - OF Minis, CM & AR Workmanships

Be sure to thank your judges for the tremendous work effort they put in, we couldn't have the great experience we do without them. We are also still accepting Judge's Shadows, so if you wanted to learn how to become a model horse judge, this is a great opportunity.

🍁 4. Can't make it in person? Proxy Showing is now available; that means your models can make the trek, even if you can't! Check out our website for more details.

🍁 5. Shopping! Amanda Mills' shop will be stocked with the latest Breyer models and old favourites, there really is something for everyone. Even if you're not showing, you are welcomed to come by & visit us, shop, and hang out with your fellow hobby enthusiast.

But what's REALLY the best part of Autumn Live? Why, seeing all the people, of course! Plus there's being able to share your passion with others and compete in fun classes, show off your most favourite models and learn a whole lot about horses along the way. It's only a month to go, but we're already bouncing with excitement

If you have any questions about the show or the process, do ask! 🍁

We are open to the public, so if you've been thinking about showing but aren't sure if it's your thing just yet, we encourage you to come by, say hi, and check us out in person.

Thanks again to everyone who's helped with the monumental task of getting ready. We'll see you all next month!

Neena Bickram,
Show Host ~ Toronto's Autumn Live