Hi Blab - looking for a bit of advice.

I inquired about an item on MH$P (10/29) received a reply that stated the item was available and received the seller's PP address (10/31). I wrote back and asked how much for shipping and provided my zip code (11/01). I received an answer to the shipping question and sent funds via PP this past Saturday (11/02).

I have received no communication since then. I emailed the seller yesterday to say I'd sent the PP funds, asked for a tracking number and/or when the item would be shipped. I don't expect to receive an update on weekends (I know nothing is going to ship on Sunday anyway), and I don't expect immediate replies to everything. But the lack of update since sending funds is a little frustrating.

I feel like I should know better, have asked more questions, etc. If the seller was going to have delays shipping, I would have hoped they would mention that on front end, but it's also on me - I should have asked when will it ship. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt, and expect that most people are responsible. I don't buy much online unless through known vendors, but overall I've had great experiences. Maybe the item will just show up in my mailbox this week. I'm inclined to wait until Saturday (give it a week), and then request a refund through PP if I hear nothing/don't receive it. It's not a super pricey item, but I'm annoyed (again, part of that is on me for not asking more questions). I don't know if I'm jumping the gun, or if I should just give it a little more time. There seems to be a wide range of what's reasonable these days.

Beth Barroilhet