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Or maybe their connection isn't secure.

I suspect what triggered it with me was because Cheddars is across the state line. I mean; I live a mile from said state line so odds are, restaurant charges are going to be from VA (mostly fast food on this side of the line). I had to call them 3 or 4 times within a couple of weeks before finally flat out telling them that DH travels a lot and this was getting a bit ridiculous. It wasn't always him tripping it either as the whole Cheddars incident showed.

They are fast. It was like pow, wham, cut off. No soup for you... And nobody had used it for several days prior to that. When I called them to find out what was up, I got a "well there's this $$ charge to Cheddars..." "That was me" "Oh..."

The walmart in Lexington got my debit card shut off year before last. They stopped asking for PINs if the purchase was under a rather large dollar amount. The CU wasn't having any of it. I got food stuffs. I went to the booze shop (KY walmarts have a booze shop!) and... what do you mean; declined?!
Have to laugh because Texas is a huge state, but as I live in the remote outer orbit of Houston, travelling to the other side of that orbit (rural-ish areas on the other side of Houston) seems to be like travelling overseas to some country with a bad fraud rep, as far as the card company is concerned. Even if I tell them in advance. The card company actually said so after I pointed out that I was going to have a hard time getting back home if I couldn't pay for gas.