I found a recent mystery charge on my credit card for $17.54. It said Paypal*breyer 402-935-7733 Nj

The lower case name and J in Nj, and the incomplete Breyer name (should be Reeves INTL) was the first red flags. Then I checked both Breyer collector club accounts, ebay purchases, and Paypal account and nothing appeared with the same charge or within a few days of the date.

I web searched the Nebraska phone number to discover several people had experienced mystery charges with the same Paypal header and phone number but a different name at the asterisk. This simple scam could have been easily missed because it targeted a popular name in my purchase history.

Soooo, account closed and a new card is on rush to me since I wanted it ready for the CC appreciation sale next week. (Ugh I don't need this now. It triggers a cascade of hotel reservations to change for the summer, new passwords, reconnecting Paypal, etc)

Watch your accounts for this new type of small-charge infiltration.

Debra Omel