Hi all! Merry Magnolia is just about a week away and I’m sure everyone is busy getting ready! Just a few things to keep in mind…

Most important-please make sure you have the most current class list. If the one you’re looking at does not have the expanded deco class list, you’re using the wrong one. Please go to the website and get the current one. The current list also has the Stone divisions swapped. I will have copies of the correct class list in the show packets. www.lemmonadelive.weebly.com- look at the Merry Magnolia Tab.

Secret Santa participants (MML SS-not Blab SS )-please remember to bring your partner’s gift(s) wrapped and tagged to me before the show in the morning. I will distribute them during the day. You may remain anonymous if you so choose.

Contest participants-
Table decorating participants: please plan on setting up your table before the show begins. The hall will be opening early at 6:00 AM to allow extra set up time. The show will still start at 8:00 AM. Voting beads are included in your show packet and voting will close at 2:00 PM.

Ornament participants: Please bring your ornaments to me before the show starts. I will have a tree that they will be displayed on. Voting clips are included in your show packet and voting will close at 2:00 PM. All ornaments will be included in the raffle.

Ugly sweater participants: The ugly sweater contest will happen at lunch, you do not need to wear your sweater all day.

Lunch: Lunch is potluck, please bring your dish to the kitchen in the morning. There is a fridge if what you bring needs to stay cold. There is also a microwave. Lunch will be promptly from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM-the ugly sweater contest will run at 12:30 PM. The show will provide BBQ (brisket and sausage), bread rolls, onions, pickles, and drinks. Plates/napkins/utensils will also be provided. (we’ll have our usual snacks during the day as well).

High Point Ponies- This will be a rare opportunity to sign up for HPP in person. I will have all the info available at the show. www.highpointponies.weebly.com

Show hall address: 31355 Friendship Dr. Magnolia, TX 77355

I will see everyone very soon!