Hi Blab,

Does anyone know who Kayleigh Watts is? I just got a very strange PM and a friend request on Facebook. The PM is incredibly childish, and she's asking me if I want to trade my Glossy Verdades for her Glossy Rags to Riches. In my world, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The text of the PM is: Hi!!! I saw ur post for gloosy verdadds and i would trade for a gloosy rags and riches!!! Do u still have him??? Would u trade???

I did check the Model Horse Transaction group on Facebook and found nothing on her. She only joined Facebook today, has no friends or posts that I can see, and isn't a part of any groups.

Does anyone know who this person is? I have my Facebook profile set to private, so I have no idea how she knows that I have a Glossy Verdades, or that I'm looking for a Glossy Rags.

Help me, pretty please?

~Shannon Ball~