No names at this point, as it's too soon to be in full-blown panic mode.

I paid for a model a week ago, and the seller said it would ship last Thurdsay. I was hoping for a tracking number later on Thursday, but nothing. I politely emailed on Friday asking if the model had indeed shipped. Nothing. I emailed again on Sunday asking if the model had shipped on Thursday as the seller had originally stated it would, and if so I would like a tracking number. Again nothing. I'm hoping the seller is just short on communication and the model will show up today (or within a day or two), but I will admit I'm getting a little worried. The model is only coming from one state away, so it's not like it has to go all the way across the country.

I'm thinking of waiting to see if the model shows up in today's mail (possibly held up by the holiday yesterday), then emailing again asking for some kind of valid tracking number by this Thurdsay. Does that sound reasonable, or should I give more time? Thankfully, I've had good experiences far outweigh bad experiences when dealing with sellers, and I don't want to jump to conclusions; but how hard would it be to just respond to my emails and give me an update?

I should also add that I did check references here and on MHHR, and there were only a few green lights for trading. No reds or yellows that I found, which is why I went ahead and entered into the transaction.