Howdy all, just looking for some advice!

I placed a small order with Breyer on December 30th to take advantage of their year end sale.
When I received my shipment I noticed that it belongs to someone else (but my packing slip was correct) so I followed the directions on Breyer's web site to fix the problem. I was sent an automated email stating that they will contact me with instructions on what to do but I have heard nothing yet. I sent them a second email but was sent the same automated message. Should I call them? I don't mind waiting my turn but January is almost over and I would like what I paid for!! Did anyone else have a mix-up with their after Christmas orders?
If you ordered an Aurora w/blanket, a Palomino Morgan with foal and a Latigo Dun It but received two Maliks and some Collecta horses maybe we can fix it on our own!