I had a shipping issue as well, with end of the year items. I ordered two models, and both showed as fulfilled in my account with the same tracking #, but only one model was actually shipped. I sent an email with the packing slip because I figured I should show some proof that I only got one model, and I was on the road for work, so calling was tricky. I gave them a day, and then I called. I was told it was an error and would be corrected. My account was never updated, but I did get new shipping info for the second model and it arrived this week.

Every time I have called they are super helpful and responsive. They either don't respond to emails, or all the emails get lost somewhere.

There was a thread on Breyer's FB page recently about how bad they are at responding to emails. I don't know if they are overwhelmed with emails, or don't have dedicated customer service staff to respond?