Speaking in general, not about anyone specific, from years of watching TTB, I've seen a few reasons why buyers sometimes ignore all red flags to do a deal anyway ...

- A hot price on a desired model. This seems to be one of the top reasons that people convince themselves that their transaction will be ok, regardless of the track record.

- Over time, new people enter the community; or, some people aren't connected to the network. Either way, they don't know the history and may not know how to find out before they purchase.

- Re the first point, it seems that Collector Fever can overwhelm anyone who finds something that is high on their list and they haven't found anywhere else, whatever the reason. Basically, after a long and difficult search, one finds a scarce item that is seemingly within reach. I get it, it is terribly hard to walk away. But it does seem that one of the top reasons people enter into a red flag transaction is "I have been looking so long for that model".

Basically, when people have a passion, it is very very hard to pass on a find. Or what seems to be a find.

That's what I have noticed.