Hi everyone!

I have a problem and maybe you could give me some advice. I have a model that someone is working on but I havenít heard from them in almost a year. I gave them the horse to work on in Dec. 2018 and they posted tons of updates to me and on social media about my model up to summer 2019. Once fall 2019 rolled around, this artist went off to college (out of the states). Since then, I canít get ahold of them.

Iíve tried contacting them through email, Instagram, Facebook, posting on Facebook groups if anyone can help me get a hold of her. No luck.

I know sheís in college out of the US but donít you think youíd be able to check your email?? I know everything with this virus is making things difficult but still.

So hereís my question(s). What do I do? The last thing that I can think of, and Iím worried about being a creeper, we live close enough that when I have her the horse, we just met up and exchanged him. But before we knew we lived so close, she gave me her address to ship him. Do I send a letter to her house???

I really donít want to believe sheís a scammer because before all this, she had all greens on the transaction boards.