Go to the post office & file a claim of mail fraud against her.

A person commits mail fraud when he engages in a scheme to defraud, with intent to defraud, and uses the mails in furtherance of that scheme. A scheme to defraud means depriving someone of property by deceitful or dishonest means. The scheme need not involve an affirmative misrepresentation or lie.

The use of a postal money order & the use of the postal system in the exchange (you mailed the MO & she’s supposed to mail you the models or a refund) means it falls under their jurisdiction. So file a claim & get the authorities involved. Bet that will light a fire under her.

Here’s info on how to file a claim.

Call 1-877-876-2455. Visit www.uspis.gov to report suspected fraud online. To learn more about mail fraud or to report suspected fraud, visit the U.S. Postal Inspection Web site at www.uspis.gov.