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    Default RED Lights for Nicky Petrie

    I've had a very disappointing, months-long ordeal with MH$P seller Nicky Petrie. (My name is Erica McDonald.) It's long, so I have bolded the dates to make it a bit easier to follow.


    February 10, 2020: I contacted Nicky Petrie on MH$P who had two Stone Space Ponies listed for sale at $210 + $30 shipping, asking if they had been around smoke. The seller responded that her home and storage unit were smoke free, and the horses were already boxed up so she could send them when she got my payment. This seller only took money orders, so I posted here on Blab asking if anyone had dealt with her before since this is a riskier payment option; a couple Blabbers said they'd had no problems buying from her, so I took the chance.

    As we were working out payment (I couldn't get a money order till that Saturday, February 15, but the seller offered to hold the models) the seller mentioned that she was not currently in the same state as the model horses; she was across the country for dental procedures. She didn't say exactly when she was coming back, but unfortunately I didn't catch that omission at first.

    February 18th: I sent off the money order and let Nicky know it was coming. We emailed back and forth a little after that, with her mentioning other models she had or had already sold, and what kinds of decorators I was interested in. She never brought up the money order.

    March 1st: I emailed Nicky asking if the money order had arrived. (Her last email was on the 22nd and hadn't mentioned it.) She responded March 2nd with a photo of a different model, and a message that seemed to be offering to sell me this model instead. She wrote, "Hi [my email name],I have this lovely fella for sale. His name is "Blue Moon". He's is for sale at $275.00-(but I'll give him to you,until I will find them) and when I do I'll send them to you free of charge)." She went on to say that she couldn't find the box with the models I had paid for. I replied March 2nd that I was only interested in the Space Ponies, thanks.

    March 13th: I emailed her asking if she was ready to ship, since I hadn't had any further updates. She replied that she hadn't found them yet, but had checked the list of a bunch of Stones she sold to someone else so they must be in the storage shed. She offered to refund my money "as soon as I sell something." I told her to keep the money one more week (since she was only going to the storage shed on Sundays) and she replied on March 16th with thanks and that she was still looking.

    March 18th: I emailed her again, saying I hoped she was okay (COVID was starting to be a thing) and asking for an update. I got no reply. I emailed again nearly a month later when I still hadn't heard from her, on May 12.

    Nicky replied on May 25th that "I am using a friend's phone for now until the library reopens" and that she had sold the models I wanted to a friend in 2015, but never crossed them off her list. "I listed some models on my sales pages and hoping to sell soon and get you a refund. Sorry again for the mix up," she wrote.

    I responded on June 7th with thanks for the update and a request to send the refund "as soon as you're able" (my mistake, here; I really should have set a specific date!) and to let me know when it was coming. I heard nothing from her, so on June 24th I emailed again. In this email I erroneously wrote, "Please refund my $300," which was more than the amount I had sent, but I didn't catch it before sending.

    June 25th: Nicky replied with, "I was going to contact you on your address so I know where to send it and the total is $240," and that she was getting money on the 1st of the month and would send me the money order then. (Please note that I had already given her my mailing address back when I thought she was sending me models.)

    June 28th: I sent her my address; no response. I emailed again on July 5th, and again on July 20, with no responses.

    September 26: I emailed Nicky, requesting that she contact me and send my refund with a tracking number, and posted on Blab's Transactions Board asking for advice (without naming names, since I hadn't yet notified her.)

    September 28: I emailed her again stating that because I had not heard from her, I had filed a mail fraud claim with the Postal Inspection Service and would be posting feedback on model horse hobby websites, including Blab. And here we are!

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