I was keeping an eye on both my e-mails, the new and the old along with both spam/junk folders throughout my changeover.

After I noticed the glitch the first time, I kept n out for any PM's that I got once I logged into Blab and made sure they also came through to the new e-mail. I was in contact with Marty about it and she sent a test through to my e-mail, which I received and if there were further issues/problems she was going to contact tech support.

Since I didn't know if it had been a Blab glitch with changing over or a hotmail glitch and it seemed to have resolved itself without any more intervention on anyone's part, I told her not to go forward with tech support and that if it happened again, I would get back in touch with her.

In the intervening time since it happened, (almost a month) I have not had anymore problems.
Except for that first one, it has not happened again.