My name is Mackenzie Premel (call me Cosmic) and I'd like to share my experience with Lisa Bickford.

* On October 16th, I reached out to Mz. Bickford about the Desatado model "Aurelius" I saw in her post on MH$P.
* She replied to me on October 18th with his availability and cost ($60 + $14 shipping).
* Funds were sent to her via PayPal on October 18th.
* I like to have confirmation that funds were received so I emailed Mz. Bickford on the 21st to confirm my payment had been sent. She replied: "I did! Dang PayPal doesn't always notify me. I'll get him out on Saturday!"
* I reached out to her again on Monday the 26th since he was supposed to ship on Saturday right? I have yet to hear back from her.
* I emailed the 29th and November 3rd. I was poking around the Blab here and saw all the red lights for her and got disheartened. I sent her one more email today (November 4th) that "It has been far longer than I have ever waited for a shipping confirmation without any communication as to a reasonable delay. Please provide a tracking number or I will have to file a claim with PayPal. I am giving you until Friday morning 9:30am PST to get back to me with the tracking information. I feel this is a reasonable request given the climate of our world these days"

I wish I had read the Blab before reaching out. I truly wish Lisa would get back to me and get the model in the mail. I will update after the deadline for better or worse. Even if Lisa does send the model to me, I'm never going to do business with her again. I don't mind things taking a spell to send things but no communication? No, you've lost my business.

Thank you for letting me share. I hope I did this post correctly (my first post on the Blab).
Love and light, Mackenzie aka Cosmic