Hello! I hope this is the appropriate forum for this - if not then apologies in advance

My boyfriend and I have been quietly working on a new photo showing platform for the model horse hobby for quite some time. He is a software engineer/programmer and has built this site from the ground up to be easy to use and make photo showing and hosting accessible to all hobbyists.

We need beta testers for the site that can try it out, poke around, and let us know their thoughts. What is broken? What would be better if done different? Is anything confusing or not clear? We want the site to be easy enough for people of all ages, backgrounds, and hobby involvement to use it.

Here are some key features of the site that make it stand out from your usual social media/group photo show:

  • User accounts that keep track of your horses/entries
  • Horses are their own entities that keep a show record and can be entered into new shows without having to re-enter or re-upload photos/information
  • Show hosting platform that makes it easy to host a photo show of your own, people can enter their horses through the same system
  • Judging process streamlined so there is no need for filling out and submitting spreadsheets, all of it is done through the site. Features include things like only horses marked as 1st place being pushed forward to section judging automatically, and champs to division judging - things like that
  • Classes have set parameters so it's harder to enter horses in the wrong class. Ex., if a horse's breed is set as "clydesdale," the system will warn the user if the class they are trying to enter is set for "quarter horses."

Beta testing includes entering in our "Beta Test Photo Show," which has 2 divisions (OF Anything and CM/Resin) with 25 relatively broad classes in each division. We are doing breed classes only currently, but performance will come in time - we have big plans on making that streamlined and easy, as well. You can also not show, just poke around and try your hardest to break the site in some way - we appreciate that, too!

If you're interested in being a "beta tester" for our site and helping us fine tune by sharing your thoughts, problems, and suggestions through trying it out, please let me know by sending a message! I'll be posting more information about the site when it exits beta phase and goes live to everyone, as well. Thanks for looking!