A little later than planned, but we're finally there! We've been super busy fixing more bugs, making alterations, and testing testing testing. We feel the site is finally ready for full launch

For those of you who are interested, feel free to sign up and join our first official show as well as another user-hosted show that looks really cool! The official show is open to everyone, has 230+ classes covering most all types of horses, and includes real prizes for champs and reserves. They open for entries tomorrow and remain open for quite a while before judging starts, plenty of time to start uploading your horses (which will be the only time you have to do that going forward!)


Oh, and I figured I'd ask here if anyone would be interested in helping me judge the first official show. It would also help get me more insight on how people find the judging system (which is an easy click-and-drag placings system, no typing required). There would be compensation in the form of horsy gifts and treats and on-site perks! Just let me know here or on OMHPS itself (there is a private messaging system on the on-site forum, and our contact email as well).