ONE WEEK LEFT. Want Happy Mail?!?

Come join the fun! FB page is Hindsight is 2020 Fun Online Photo Show - $5 entry fee support animal shelter, fun flat prizes include new ribbons, stickers, and more! 15 classes, enter 3 per class. All entrants will receive happy mail! πŸ€ͺ DEADLINE Sunday 1/24.

Open to interpretation - win ribbons, stickers, goodies! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

1 Always a Bridesmaid...

2 Show Offs from 2020


4 Ah, Youth!

5 Playing Favorites

6 Cause A Scene

7 Got Spots?

8 I Made This

9 So Real

10 Big Winners

11 FOR SALE class

12 ANIMALIA class

13 Flat Ponies etc.

14 One of These Things Is Not Like The Other

15 Living Breathing Animals

Hope to see your horses! Great prizes and entries rolling in...