On Facebook, late January. Benefit for local animal shelter, entry is $5.

Photos may be loaded to Albums online, will be sending fun flat mail prizes including new ribbons (flats from my old Live Show!), stickers, and other goodies. Here’s the scoop!

Hindsight is 2020
Fun Online Photo Show

Ribbons (new, from my past live show), Stickers, other flat fun mail!

Entry fee $5 PayPal is shannontrodgers@gmail.com

Photo loading to albums on FaceBook by midnight CST Sunday, January 24.
Stewarding/Judging week of 25th. Results announced February and prizes mailed.

Class Limit: you may enter 3 entries per class. Models may go in multiple classes.

Notate Model’s Name and any pertinent information. We need to know Entry Name and Owner.

Overall Presentation considered, plain or realistic backgrounds acceptable. ALL models may compete - any brand, make, finish, or material. OF, CM, AR, China, Metal, Wood, or other materials welcome!
All types and scales show together.

Supplying some notes, but this is for fun and allows for open interpretation. We trust your honor to choose appropriate entry. Have fun, be creative, enjoy!

Judges: Sondra Householder (IA), Sara Runyan (WI), and Shannon Rodgers (IL)

1 Always a Bridesmaid...
This class is for those models who have never won before...

2 Show Offs from 2020
Have a newly acquired model to bring out? Did your NaMoPaiMo model get to show yet? Pandemic ponies get to play!

Fantasy, Decorator, non-equine colors, Faux Finishes, and other unrealistic representations

4 Ah, Youth!
Horses and people all start out young.

5 Playing Favorites
Maybe sentimental, maybe has a story, maybe your beloved show horse...

6 Cause A Scene
We love seeing what can happen. And performance. And Barn setups. Well, we love models period, and everything that goes with them.

7 Got Spots?
Self explanatory, but can be “out of the box” thinking too...

8 I Made This
Showcase YOUR talent here. Tell us what part/parts were created by you (examples include Finishwork on a resin, made the halter, Customized a Breyer, made the props)

9 So Real
Some models have that quality that makes you think they aren’t models in pictures...

10 Big Winners
Show us your successful, dependable models or what you feel makes a Big Winner!

11 FOR SALE class
Models available for purchase, please state price

12 ANIMALIA class
Non-Equine Models, domestic and wild

13 Flat Ponies
Medallions, Busts, giftware, even 2D equine art here!

14 One of These Things Is Not Like The Other
This could be interpreted as Congas with an interloper, unusual variations, or juxtaposition of things that aren’t quite the same...

15 Living Breathing Animals (Horses, pets, wild, Non-Model)

Thank you for entering! Proceeds will help support Happy Tails Animal Shelter. Cheers to 2021!!!