I'll tell you why.

I bought a Cricut Maker machine from Brandon Reynolds through Facebook marketplace on January 14th. He said he could send me a PayPal invoice through Facebook Pay, which was easier for him than to send through PayPal. I researched before doing this to make sure I would be covered and I read on Facebook's help page that payments through the marketplace would be covered. So I agreed, and paid him the $175 from my PayPal balance. I was NOT given the option to choose friends/family or goods/services. I sent the payment, and much to my dismay, it sent friends/family. Well, the seller was very kind and answered all of my questions, and the ad was very descriptive and included a photo of the items he had for sale. He even marked the ad sold after I purchased. He asked for my address, and sent me the tracking number purchased from It would be shipped the next day - great! He said it was Priority and I'll have it in 2-3 days. Well, the end of the next day, January 15th, the tracking still just showed "shipping label created." It had not yet been scanned as accepted. I confirmed with him that he had been able to ship. I know there are still huge delays with USPS right now, and sometimes packages are taking quite awhile to be scanned in at the origin facility. He claimed that yes, the package had been shipped. Alright no problem, I'll be patient. Today, January 18th, the tracking still has not changed. I go to Messenger and his account is GONE. It shows "Facebook User" instead of Brandon Reynolds, and I cannot reply to the conversation anymore. I do not have his email either since I paid through Facebook Pay. Facebook refuses to do anything because it was sent as a "Facebook Payment" and not a "Messenger Payment," so they won't cover it. I am going to call PayPal tomorrow, but standard policy is since this was a "friends and family" payment, they will also not do anything for me. I paid using my balance and not on a credit card. And I hate this part - I was going to put it on my card so I had extra protection, but it charged me an additional fee to use my card vs my balance. I had enough on the balance so I didn't want to pay extra money to put it on my card. Now I'm wishing I paid those few extra dollars, otherwise I could file a chargeback with my credit card company! I consider myself to be very tech savvy and not easily tricked. I NEVER in a million years would have guess *I* could become the victim of a scam. And here I am. So I wanted to put it out there to NEVER USE FACEBOOK PAY. You have ZERO protection if something goes wrong! I wish I would have known that before I threw away $175. Do not make the same mistake I did!