I am in the midst of a long and tiring transaction. Unfortunately, they have nothing but greens yet ive had a awful time.
I got a free body from them, but had to pay $15 to ship. Well, he was a shrinky from someone stripping him. Im upset and ask what to do. They offer a refund but I say, do you have anything else??
I wanted to make it right and make it so I got a body and they got $$$. But they took days to respond and I needed a zombie body asap in time for Halloween. I got frustrated and ended up buying one on ebay for $25.

So I ask if they could take some $$ off of the bodies FINALLY offered, weeks after I needed it. Apparently that was rude and they said "free models don't need it" and got snippy.
Well I have been rather sick lately and last night was so bad I went home from work early. They were all "least you could do is say thanks".

Wow. Okay. Sorry I didnt respond, I was at work AND then got ill.

This isn't helping my anxiety... and they have nothing but greens. Why do I still feel screwed over? Like the bad guy???
Sorry but, $15 is a lot for a POS model that smells like chemicals and I can't use. Might not be for some but this starving artists thinks otherwise...