Drafter Porthos.jpg

'Porthos', an 8 x 8 x 5 inch traditional scale sculpture of an American Percheron draft horse stallion sculpted by myself, Hyn Patty, has arrived at Jolt Studios for molding and casting! Porthos' is being released in a hollow cast limited edition unpainted resin to be finished in any color by the painting artist of your choice. For more photos and information on this piece go to hynpatty.com and sign up for my newsletter or follow me on Facebook!

Porthos is first being released to my subscribers list from December 4th through the 6th, 2021. Then I am opening his edition to the public for general ordering. Pieces of this edition that I paint will be made available by public auction in 2022. This edition will be limited to no more than a 3 mold run and possibly less, depending on buyer interest. There are both paid in full and time payment options. Pricing starts at $495 for USA buyers with Priority Mail shipping with tracking, and has options for Canadian and Overseas shipping at a slightly higher cost. Time payments are set up for five monthly installments so don't miss out!

There are plans to also do a 'hairy' version of this sculpture with a long mane and tail and thicker, hairier body to be a Boulonnais. There may also be editions in smaller scales like Venti, mini, or micro. Please do put in your vote for your preferences in sizes! Lastly, there are plans to produce this sculpture in both original finish and custom glazed ceramics. Photo by Jen Olp and used by permission. Thank you Jen!