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Thread: Ok, how about a 1/18 scale ValorHP?

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    Default Ok, how about a 1/18 scale ValorHP?

    Ok, so Tammy P. painted one up really nice and posted it where everybody could see, so that cat is way out of the bag. It's a machine-printed 1/18 scale ValorHP, which comes with both tails and no mane. I don't even have any decent pictures of a bare one standing alone, so here's tammi's pics:

    1. no, we're not planning on putting this into resin production.

    2. yes, I can print more, slowly (it's a 14 hour print). And, they don't always come out exactly right - sometimes a total fail. Or I break them when they're soft (aargh!). They'll ship fully post-cured and much more durable.

    3. no, I don't expect this to be a limited run, I just can't do fifty at a time. I'll do them at least for a while.

    4. of course I'll keep a list for this one if I need to, I know that there's suddenly going to be more wants than what we have on hand.

    5. I'm not putting this on the resin availability list for now.

    6. If anyone tries to hawk one of these, or a Miss Mattie, as limited/rare/hard to get, at a dramatically inflated price, just ignore them. There will be more.

    I've had various inputs on this, ranging from the idea that I should get every cent I can for them at single auction, to just blowing them out at a set price (that I thought was still just a bit high). As is so often the case these days, I'm just doing it my way.

    Regardless of the mindset, I'm letting this one loose at $170.00, domestic shipping included. I'm told that's low, but I'm sticking with it at least for now. You'll have to email me at
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