This is isnīt really a suggestion, just a thought. I wasnīt sure if Iīd post this or not, but here goes, FWIW.

While I really enjoy Blab memberīs creativity they put into their avatars I want to say that strongly animated ones are really heavy for my eyes it makes reading the postings harder because itīs kind of distracting. Ok, distracting in a positive way Maybe I am just too over-sensitive in that case but when I imagine the majority of Blab members using heavily-animated avatars -constantly blinking and changing images next to the postings- I think Iīm gonna go nuts :1action-s
Thatīs why I, personally, hope that the heavily animated avatars are not going to become a big trend @ Blab. JMHO and I do not want to offend anyone who is using such an avatar. As I said, I like the creations themselves, just saying that they are a lil problematic for my eyes.