Okay, I think we are going to need to see some kinds of definitions of what posts belong in what forums. There is obviously confusion and different feelings by people about what belongs where. Posts that for example were fine in the Artist Announcements before are not being moved to say the Photos forum. I use the artist's announcement forum as an important tool to let people know what's coming. I NEED to know how to word my posts so they can stay there. What I'm showing pictures of things in the horizon I'm not showing them as pictures of my collection. In in teh case of teh Persiasion, there were actualy NO photos in that post! Just reference to them being available but only through my Yahoo group and tat it was a coming release from me. I don't like threads like that being moved personally. I don't think people are going to go look for an artists announcement like that in the forum with photos. I myself RARELY look in the photos forum. If things like that are going to be moved, can we have some definitions of criteria for posting in them so I can make my post fit the forum I WANT it to be in?