Yes ... some of our younger members are a bit discouraged at some of the treatment they have gotten from adults. Like everything else on Blab, it's less what is said than how it is said. Some of the adults have addressed things quite reasonably ... others not so much.

It's an interesting balance between keeping things open and keeping some policies in place. With an open attitude toward self-expression, modding is more reactive. First something happens. Then mods react. The thing that happened doesn't go away, it stays there. (Kind of like real life. ) I don't think most Blabbers want to see posts being deleted, even if they were darn annoying. So since we can't know that infraction was coming before it did, well, there it sits.

In some cases I hope you see a gradual lessening of infringements on the part of a repeatedly-infringing individual. And, other than posts of the kind the mods have made here, Blab isn't going to publicly flog people. There is also a wish not to make a bigger public deal out of a small issue than it merits.

Things are being looked into, actions being taken. Is Blab going to be clean, shiny and scrubbed all the time? Nope, not if we value differences in members and newcomers.

Just some thoughts ...