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    Smile Moving Posts

    I've nothing against moving posts but something came to mind that may help newcomers that are not paid participants.

    When I joined BLAB I was not a paid participant, and since I was new to the hobby as well, many of my posts were in the wrong forums and were moved.

    I was a little bewildered. Where had my post gone? Had I used incorrect language? I hadn't a clue (and yes, I had read the FAQs before posting). I had looked forward to seeing my questions answered and was at a loss to understand where they had vanished.

    A little later I did become a paid participant, and while I'm still learning the ropes as to what goes where I can now generally track down where my post went by clicking on my forwarded post "caption".

    But what is a new blabber - who isn't a paid participant - to think when he/she sees that their post has been moved. Moved W H E R E? ? ?

    So, would it be possible to see what forum the post moved to? Then at least the blabber would know what forum to visit and go there -- if his/her membership permitted entry into that particular forum.

    Thank you!
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