Hi all,

This is the first time that I've posted to this forum. If anybody knows how I can contact Jenn Davis (Jennifer Davis) in Levittown, I'd really appreciate it. She rarely contacts me via email saying she is shipping models and never does. I have called her, emailed her, emailed her fiancee, etc. without response. I've even written to her via her MH$P listings (which she has updated so I know she has computer access) but get no response.

I sent Jenn $3500 back in March towards 4 models she listed for sale on MH$P. Since she didn't know what to charge for postage we agreed she'd send me three of them, packaged individually, we'd add up postage, and then I'd pay her the postage from the remainder of the money I had already paid and then figure out what I owed for the last model to complete the transaction.

I received one model from her after quite a wait (a Raja Arabian by Jenn Danza with undisclosed damage - a chip in one leg and crazing in the paint in several legs - I decided I would pay for restoration of out of my own pocket and not bother Jenn Davis with it since I was reaching the point already where I just wanted to get the models I paid for and not have to deal with discussions of damage, etc. ). Since then all I have had from her are broken promises and very very few of those. I heard from her several weeks ago (after an artist who is a good friend of hers spoke with one of her friends who is in contact with her) that she'd be mailing an Indy body that is one of the resins she owes me, since I have a paint slot with an awesome artist that I don't want to lose the paint slot. Well several weeks have come and gone with the usual no response to emails and no models.

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated. I don't think Jenn is a thief (at least not intentionally) and I know she's been having some tough times (stupidly on my part, that is part of the reason I bought from her since I felt badly for her after going through loss of a job and being put on disability due to chronic illness myself). I think I have been overly patient and wouldn't even be so upset if she would correspond with me and keep me updated so I'd know the real status and have some hope of receiving the models from her. I've avoided posting to public forums because I didn't want to ruin her reputation however she has put me in a position where I feel I can only ask for help from those in the model horse collector community in case there is somebody who knows Jenn who can speak to her on my behalf and let her know I need to hear from her. I had to pay for these models out of my savings and it would be really nice not to have to pursue any sort of legal action but would rather complete the transaction that we initiated. Apparently the amount of money that she owes me is sufficient to constitute fraud so I could pursue legal action but just want my models!

Thanks so much in advance for any advice!! I know many of you are probably thinking I'm nuts for letting this go on for so long but I guess I kept having hope!

Sue Peet, Delaware