I have made many dealings with Casey and have always been happy. She is such a nice person to deal with.

I am giving Casey a yellow possibly going on red light because:
She hasn't contacted me since June 5th. Thats 4 weeks ago. We had been emailing back and forth and made a trade. 3 of my CM SMs at over $100 in value for 3 of her OF breyers. We agreed to ship next day and I did.
4 weeks later I never got my horses and I have emailed her repeatedly (nice at first, then a little firm) with no response.
Now I can understand being late or even very late shipping if you have a good reason. I have a couple times. But I ALWAYS stay in contact! Besides. I am pretty sure she is ignoring me because I saw a post of hers on here when I came back from Costa Rica.
So anyways. Casey! If you see this or my emails, please email me or send me my horses!

End of rant.
Amanda Tolleson