so the thread about Yoda being in the hospital made me think... nobody who's posted on there seems to know how she's doing, or if she's ok.....

so how about a Model Horse Blab contact list? this would be optional, of course. but just a list possibly kept just by Mary or a moderator (not viewable in public) of people's phone numbers or addresses or whatever. then, if someone was really worried about someone, there would be an additional way to contact them.

me for example, if i couldn't get to the computer and see private messages or email.... how would anybody on here know how to contact me? i think i've only done business with one person on here, so i don't really have any other connections who would know my number.

this of course would be optional. i understand a lot of people wouldn't want anyone to have their phone number/address and i wouldn't want people to get harassing phone calls or whatnot.... that's why it would need to kept private by a trustworthy person.

i'd just like to know that if someone who cared wanted to contact me other than through the computer, there was a way for them to do so.

just a thought.