I know I posted a few weeks ago that I was away from my computer thanks to a couple computer related issues & that I have not been able to send individual e-mails out to everyone I was doing business with to explain that situation but as of late last night I'm back in the game... With a wiped out harddrive. So I have NO photos, NO saved documents, NO records of ANYTHING... Which sucks. I even had to reinstall all my USB software and reinstall Gay-Oh-H-e-double hockey sticks.

So... I've lost everyone's information of what I owe money for etc etc. The only person I can remember owing money to is Robin Bradbury because they were kind enough to call me a few weeks back.

I wasn't about to use a public computer to go ahead and transfer money on so I'm sorry for that huge delay but that seriously would have been financial suicide for me.

So... If I was doing business with you PLEASE pop me an e-mail @ and let me know what I owe you with links to the item. I promise I haven't skipped out of anything

Thank you muchly,
-Tia Lurie