I usually come to the Blab Forums and read through the posts that interest me in one sitting. When I close my browser and then come back to the Blab, the posts that I haven't read are still in dark blue.

However, when I come to the Blab and read a few posts and then walk away for a half hour or so, the main topics are still in dark blue, but then when I go into one of the topics, all the messages are set as being read, even though I haven't looked at them yet. It's so irritating! I know I miss out on a lot of posts because I don't have time to go back looking through the dates and trying to remember what I've read or not.

Is there some kind of setting I can set, or can the Blab be set so it doesn't do that? I've seen some forums where at the top it says "show all unread posts", is there somewhere I can find that or can that be set somehow?