I feel really crappy posting this but it's something that's just been another stressor added onto my already mile high piled plate of crap I need to swallow currently. I just recently had a birthday and not even two and a half weeks later I got into a near fatal car accident when a Miller Lite delivery truck was speeding and t-boned by custom 2004 Nissan xTerra nearly killing my best friend and fellow artist (Samantha Lloyd) and I. Sam had to be cut from the car and air lifted to the closest hospital with a trauma center and I too was rushed (by ambulence though) to another hospital. Both of us have suffered concussions (though hers more severe) and many bumps, scrapes, severed nerves (yay for no feeling in my right pinky/heel of hand!!!), torn rotary cuffs (gotta love that when training horses!) and hideous bruises. We were lucky to survive! My car is absolutely totalled.. As in the truck snapped my front axel, completely BENT the entire frame of the car, & pushed us over 250 feet down the road in the direction HE was going!

But that's beside the point right now... It was all just a prelude leading up to this new thing that normally wouldn't bother me but really fricken does since it was something my "annoying" little sister finally did right... And did it for me with money she works pretty darn hard for considering she's only 17.

My little sister went out of her way to purchase a 475$ painted Haggis for me for my birthday back in September. She took her own hard earned money (remeber she's only 17) and sunk it into a horse sold by Barbara Manley on eBay allegidly painted by Beth Hoffert in FLAWLESS LSQ condition. After finally paying off the 475.00$ note Haggis arrived in the mail today via UPS wrapped up tighter then a crab's butt which made me feel incredibly secure!

This horse is one of my holy grails & to have it painted by Beth? AAAHHH!!!! I thought I was going to have the most amazing horse to come out on the show scene! Especially when Barbara was offering him along side a 2006 NAN card! Let's face it, those suckers are hard to get!

But what I got was anything but an LSQ horse! Anything but the flawless beautiful animal I was so excited to receive.

Sure he's stunning... But just... no.

He has SEVERE scratching, chipping, & bumping all over him. The prep job done by the painter was poor to say the least & instead of Beth's signature, there's someone else's over a badly sanded belly region just littered in scratches and chips. There's still seams everywhere... To say the least he's PSQ IF you're dishonest and photoshop out the MASSIVE scuffs all over his feathers!!!

Here's the eBay ad:


The photos below are included to show you what LSQ definitely ISN'T! Tomorrow I will be taking more in better light of the rest of the damage on him to his tail, lips, groin, hooves, and mane. We've even found chips on his chest!

The ad claimed that this horse was done in HAND PAINTED ACRYLICS!!! Yet there's severe over spray from an airbrush being used. On his inner thigh there's a signature that's been crudely scratched out and repainted over in the same pinking pattern (not matching) the rest of his belly/groin area and his belly appears to have an area patched over in white out with Beth Hoffert's TFS signature penned onto it (and smudged/dirty since it's obviously not sealed). He has an open pin hole the size of a large tacking pin's head & NUMEROUS pieces of flash/seams that could EASILY have been sanded down even by a blind man. The over spray from the airbrush is just monumental and all over his mane as well as other crucial areas of him.

AND to add insult to injury? The allegid NAN card he had? No where to be seen.


Barbara has been e-mailed and has written back stating that there are no such scratches on the horse, no such chips, seams, or blatant flaws. So I guess my eyes must be deceiving me and my camera must be incredibly screwed up and must just hate blue roan sabino Draft models named Haggis. I'm just not sure what all can be done now since the horse definitely isn't LSQ like she stated and wrote to my sister when she was inquiring to buy the model. He's barely PSQ if photographed correctly without DISHONEST photoshopping to make him look better!!! I just don't know where to go with this one but I'm trying to help my sister out since she knows NOTHING about this hobby & I'm completely addicted to it 100% with a clear knowledge of the difference between LSQ and PSQ... As I should do! I make a living buying, customizing, painting, & selling models! & I can personally say that as a professional I would NEVER have prepped this horse like he is (or should I say isn't?) nor would I have sold him for $475.00 claiming he's LSQ and has a NAN card from last year. Inorder to have a NAN card you need to be FLAWLESS and PERFECT and able to win a live show against like horses... Which he isn't.

So I figured I'd post this here and edit/add to it as this drama unfolds since it's going to be a long ride... Especially when so much money is involved.

Great. Just what I needed.