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Just gotta pop in and say WAY TO GO! You did the right thing and now you are ahead of the curve.

Well I can't give you more rep yet so I will say thanks here. It is not easy to stay focused but I have a long term goal and that helps me realize that failing today keeps me from reaching that goal tomorrow.

I buy 10# bags of apples at my store - they are reduced - mostly they get tossed into the bags because they aren't "nice enough" to get sold at full retail price. That is really helping me when I need a crunchy flavor packed snack instead of a cookie or chips and helps when it comes to offering my son a healthier snack alternative rather than a cookie or chocolate.

The apples that I don't eat, my horse does

My short term goal of a 50# loss, hopefully by spring/early summer is to go to Cedar Point and ride the roller coasters - sit in the seats comfy like normal people and pull down the bar. I know - it's a dumb thing but I can't do it right now and have not been able to for a long time 15+ years.

My long term goals - I have 2 of them are to show my 3 yr old in Showmanship and Pattern Classes and (my ultimate final) other goal is to book a cruise with my best friend Sandy down to the Bahamas. I'm gonna do this!